Workshop Training Agenda

General Retirement Planning

  • Tips for being better prepared for a smooth transition into retirement
  • Checking beneficiaries on all federal benefit programs
  • Understanding what you have and what you need to know about decisions to make at retirement.

Survivor Benefit Plan

  • Coverage and cost, and who can benefit from SBP
  • Considerations for electing SBP at retirement
  • Important connection with FEHB

Federal Employees Health Benefits

  • Tax advantage of FEHB while working
  • Eligibility requirements to keep FEHB in retirement
  • Considerations for federal couples
  • Coordination between FEHB and Medicare Part B

Social Security

  • Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP)
  • Government Pension Offset (GPO)

FERS Special Retirement Supplement

  • Eligibility requirements and calculation of the benefit
  • What happens if you work after retiring

Federal Employees Group Life Insurance

  • Coverage and costs while employed
  • How FEGLI changes and options available at retirement

Thrift Savings Plan

  • Fund choices, tax advantages and options within the TSP while working
  • How to maximize government contributions
  • Complementing the TSP with outside assets
  • Identifying your risk tolerance for investing
  • Options available at retirement


  • Tips to be proactive and understand the financial impact of the decisions to be made at retirement.

Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program

  • What services Long Term Care insurance covers
  • Various ways to pay for LTC services
  • Coverage and costs for services
  • Eligibility requirements to obtain coverage
  • Options available through FLTCIP

Taxes on Federal Pensions

  • Federal and state tax implications

Retirement Systems (CSRS & FERS)

  • Eligibility requirements and how to choose the best retirement date
  • Deposits, Redeposits & Military Deposits
  • Special Considerations for Law Enforcement Officers, Air Traffic Controllers and Firefighters
  • Calculating the CSRS & FERS annuity
  • Application of unused sick leave and annual leave at retirement
  • Voluntary Contribution Plan
  • Cost of Living Adjustments in retirement